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Good Writing Essay Example for Free

Great Writing Essay You know it when you see it. It isn't that difficult to tell whether a bit of composing is fortunate or unfortunate, you simply need to understand it. Furthermore, it is really imperative to have the option to perceive the distinction, on the off chance that you ask me. In any case, things get all the more testing in the event that you need to clarify why it is acceptable. You may be called upon to compose a report at school or you may extravagant conveying your thoughts online through a blog. Furthermore, obviously, an elegantly composed CV with no spelling or syntactic errors is fundamental in the event that you need a new position. Composing abilities are a significant piece of correspondence and they must be created, since it is utilized in numerous territories of our day by day life. Great composing permits you to discuss your message without any difficulty to a far bigger crowd than through eye to eye or phone discussions. On the off chance that you need to compose well†¦ read, read, and afterward read some more. Peruse great composition. Peruse terrible composition. Figure out how to know the distinction. Note for straightforwardness of style: thing, action word, object; thing, action word, object. It worked for Hemingway, who frequently said that his definitive objective was to make the ideal sentence. Peruse some Hemingway, and his books, however a portion of his initial paper composing. Theres never been exceptional news and highlight composing, ever. At the point when you read crafted by these and other fine scholars, notice the straightforwardness of their language and how they change their sentence structure and length. A few sentences number a few words; others run a whole passage. There are incalculable tips on composing great, however I leave you with this one: read first, at that point compose. â€Bill Reed Therefore, you have to consider the subsequent stages to create great writing (in no specific request): 1. Lucidity and center: in great composition, everything bodes well and perusers don’t get lost or need to rehash sections to make sense of what’s going on. Centered composing sticks with the plot or center thought without running off on such a large number of digressions. 2. Association: an efficient bit of composing isn't just clear, it’s introduced in a way that is coherent and tastefully satisfying. You can recount non-direct stories or spot your proposal toward the finish of a paper and pull off it as long as your scenes or thoughts are all around requested. 3. Thoughts and subjects: is the subject of your paper significant? Does your story come total with topics? Can the peruser picture your sonnet? For a bit of writing to be viewed as very much created, it needs to contain plainly recognizable thoughts and topics. 4. Voice: this is the thing that separates you from every single other author. It’s your one of a kind method of hanging words together, figuring thoughts, and relating scenes or pictures to the peruser. 5. Language (word decision): we authors can keep in mind or neglect to value our most significant devices †words. Great composing incorporates brilliant word decisions and all around made sentences. 6. Sentence structure and style: numerous scholars would wish this one away, yet for a bit of writing to be viewed as acceptable (not to mention extraordinary), it needs to keep the guidelines of language structure (and disrupt those norms just when there’s a valid justification). Style is additionally significant in guaranteeing that a bit of composing is clear and reliable. Ensure you keep a punctuation book and style control convenient. 7. Validity or acceptability: nothing says awful composing like getting the realities wrong or distorting oneself. In fiction, the story must be reasonable (regardless of whether it’s unthinkable), and in true to life, precise examination can represent the moment of truth an essayist. 8. Provocative or sincerely rousing: maybe the most significant nature of good composing is the means by which the peruser reacts to it. Does she leave away with a new point of view and new thoughts? Does he close the spread with tears in his eyes or a feeling of triumph? How perusers respond to your work will completely decide your prosperity as an essayist. 9. Sentence Fluency that is smooth and expressive: Fluent sentences are straightforward and amusing to peruse with articulation. 10. Utilize transitional articulations to enable perusers to comprehend where your message is going. Normal transitional articulations incorporate accordingly, thusly, nonetheless, at that point, first, next, and despite the fact that. To have a decent composing not exclusively is important to not commit errors, however to follow a few stages to enhance the work. What's more, to accomplish that, you have to have characteristics as far as persistence and association. At the end of the day, a decent composing is a confounded procedure that requires significant investment. In any case, in the event that you follow the rules that are set out it will be simple and fruitful. Thus, is essential to work on composing. [ 1 ]. Peha, Steve. Searching for Quality in Student Writing. Instructing That Makes Sense. 2003 . [ 2 ]. Composing Skills. SkillsYouNeed. 2012 . [ 3 ]. Reed, Bill. Growing Good Writing Skills. Scholarly Tips. 2008 . [ 4 ]. Donovan, Melissa. Eight Characteristics of Good Writing. Composing Forward. 2012 .

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Introduction to Globalisation Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Prologue to Globalization - Coursework Example In fact, various people caution that it is a tremendous slip-up to â€Å"carry into the investigation of globalization the sort of perspective on culture that we acquire from the ordinary examination of the national society† (Benyon and Dunkerley, 2000, p. 13). Worldwide Culture Conceptualizations Most of individuals, for example, columnists and scholastics utilize the term worldwide culture and it is obvious that there are various understandings of â€Å"culture† paying little heed to the diverse importance gave to the expression â€Å"global culture.† There are various conceptualizations of worldwide culture. To start with, worldwide culture stresses spatialization and majority. Every single social structure or various societies are sorted dependent on their disparities from each other. The social aftereffect of various people from certain pieces of the world which through the procedures of electronic correspondence, relocation, come to spoke to in a specific s pot. Social practices and structure, which were normal for one area or area, have now been diffused in a wide range of areas of the world. Majority and spatialization are additionally accentuated by the non-isomorphic and multi-based streams on the world. As a collection of social wonders or antiquities from various areas of the universe are currently in one spot; already, they were thought as not having a place there, however now, they are seen to be there (King, 2004, p. 26). Besides, worldwide culture underlines the deconstruction of the nation state. Assortments of information, ways of life, shows, and sets of practices have developed in courses through which they have gotten free of the country states (King, 2004, p. 26). Worldwide culture is found in the types of expressions and the media, rising up out of various locales and countries which are diffused across national fringes. Worldwide culture in this setting considers the to be as a limited, inescapable limited space, a sp ot where all the collectivities and the country states are drawn upon definitely. Thirdly, worldwide culture stresses American social colonialism. Worldwide culture is principally considered as an American social colonialism. This is on the grounds that the American products, shopping centers, inexpensive food, and media culture are building up another worldwide culture that is incredibly the equivalent on all mainlands (King, 2004, p. 27). Fourthly, worldwide culture stresses another or a homogenized arrangement of culture. The surfacing of another assortment of all around shared practices and pictures, and an impacted state of comprehensiveness is chiefly credited to the possibility of worldwide culture. A totally new arrangement of culture has risen up out of the dispersion of social convictions, practices, and qualities on the planet, and this has taken another characteristic which has changed simultaneously. Accordingly, worldwide culture is a sole homogenized arrangement of si gnificance. In conclusion, worldwide culture underlines planetary. Worldwide culture is a down to earth difficulty; in any case, it is conceivable with regards to between planetary terms. A worldwide basic culture was made as a response to the alleged danger to the persistent reasonability of life on the world through some environmental calamities (King, 2004, p. 27). Is There a Phenomenon Such As Global Culture? Does worldwide culture truly exist, and on the off chance that it does, at that point what's going on here? The most substantial and evident type of social globalization is the Western media items. These items incorporate (a)

The Development Of The Iphone Marketing Essay

The Development Of The Iphone Marketing Essay The iPhone is a line of cell phones planned and promoted by Apple Inc. Apple Inc is a US organization based and the iPhone runs Apples iOS portable working framework, initially named iPhone OS. The first iPhone was discharged on June 29, 2007 the latest iPhone, the sixth era iPhone 5, was discharged on September 21, 2012. The UI is worked around the gadgets multi-contact screen, including a virtual console as opposed to a physical one. The iPhone has Wi-Fi and cell network (2G, 3G and 4G (iPhone 5 in particular). It was a cell phone, however like nothing the world had ever observed previously. It was progressive and would change the manner in which individuals interfaced with the world until the end of time. This marvel of a cell phone called iPhone began five and a half years prior, when Steve Jobs made that big appearance at MacWorld and acquainted iPhone with the world. iPhone was structured with 100% of screen without a keypad catch and it was made to Apples head of plan, Jonathan Ive. Along the upheaval of iPhone, beginning with the iPhone 3G, it came packaged with a scope of applications which something that never been offered by some other telephones beforehand. This included Google Maps, YouTube, Stocks, Weather, Games and thousands more which are still observed on iPhones today. This applications intrigued the existence where different of things should be possible at only a fingertips. iPhone Characteristics The Apple Iphone is indicating better deals and brand acknowledgment in light of item qualities. There are a few incredible and extraordinary attributes to the iPhone: Innovativeâ has an imaginative touch screen that is uncommonly licensed and the capacity is reached out from other portable. Qualityâ iPhone is worked with most scratch safe screens and has a fine metallic completion that is solid and light. The product suite is likewise protection from PC infections. Usefulness iPhone advance starting with one age then onto the next. The capacity will increment and stretch out for every turn of events. The capacity and highlights is additionally examined in the subject of Development of iphone. Appearance The smooth styling of the iPhone gives the gadget its trademark appearance. The structure and size of iPhone can catch consideration of client as a result of its in vogue and rich plan. Information Transform and correspondence bound together Speed up shrewd choices with application that empower you to follow a scope of business exercises, screen current marketing projections, create reports, investigate business information and cause endorsements To change iPhone into an office telephone by interfacing with your associations communication foundation. It is likewise ready to make brings over a Wi-Fi organize and oversee modern call dealing with. iPhone Target Market Proficient and Corporate Business Users iPhone is a notable brand for agents. Existing programming is entrenched and good with numerous items for this market. The market knows about Palm items; noteworthy exchanging costs are associated with setting off to an iPhone. These individuals need iPhone to arrange their bustling calendars and speak with partners, loved ones. Coprorate People like from World Wide Technology are essentially depend on iPhone to convey, organize to one another and keep up arrange frameworks in the field. Understudies iPhone optional purchaser targets are secondary school, school and graduate understudies who need one compact multifunction gadget. Principally this market will supplant their iPod and mobile phone with the iPhone. Age focused on bunch go are from 15 to 25 years. Youthful and effective male As indicated by Solutions Research Group, the normal iPhone client is a 31-year-elderly person with a professional education and a pay of $75,600 every year. A compensation 26 percent higher than the American average.Almost half (43 percent) of every reasonable purchaser lived in actually adroit states, for example, California and New York, however just 28 percent were female. More youthful purchasers overwhelmed, with 63 percent matured 34 or more youthful. Effective more youthful men were the intended interest group that Apple had concentrated on. One month preceding the arrival of the iPhone, Solutions Research Group profiled a cross-area of those mindful of the telephone. The figure of potential purchasers for the day of the discharge positioned a larger part of T-Mobile clients, ATTs just GSM-based item contender, at 15%. The second biggest gathering expected to buy the new iPhone was ATTs existing client base, at 12%. The Solutions Research Group likewise found that 72% of guys, versus 28% of ladies were destined to examine the telephone at its base cost of $499. The conspicuous current objective crowds for the Apple iPhone incorporate youngsters between the ages of 20 and 35. iPhone Marketing Strategy Similarly as with all Apple showcasing, the iPhone promoting methodology is clear, straightforward and astute. With the easy apple symbol, Apple centers around the unadulterated creative style of their items. The noteworthy style of the iPhone was touted for quite a long time before the underlying discharge and has remained the most elite with regards to PDAs in the course of recent years. Prior to the iPhones official discharge, Apple ran four TV advertisements advancing the new mobile phone. The first of the plugs depicts the new iPhone as the subsequent stage up from the well known iPod. The initial four iPhone ads displayed the accommodation, development, and helpfulness of a solitary item with the usefulness of a telephone, or a music gadget, however an item that can, in addition to other things, tune in to music, watch recordings, see photographs, make phone calls, check email, peruse the web, and view maps. Advancement of the iPhone The original In 2007, Apple presented another extraordinary item, the iPhone. The principal version of iPhone was dispatch on January 9, 2007, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. During that time, it is portrayed as a progressive item since it is truly five years in front of some other cell phone. There are two introductory models that had been fit to be promoted. 4GB model and 8GB model went discounted being completely promoted by 2008. The chief bit of leeway of the iPhone was the manner in which it could utilize programming applications. These product applications conveyed comparative substance to the iPhone that was in iTunes. The iPhone had the abilities of the iPod and would synchronize when associated with a PC. iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone are then additionally created to iPhone 3G. This new model was propelled on July 11, 2008 of every eighty nations and domains. What's more, on June 8, 2009, Apple by and by report the arrival of iPhone 3GS alongside plans to completely advertised it in U.S., Canada and significant European nations. The upgrade from original iPhone to iPhone is more in term of physical highlights, for example, size, weight and memory stockpiling, while, advancement of iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS has improve in term of working framework and processor. iPhone 4G iPhone 4GS iPhone 4G was discharged on February 10, 2011. The advertising purpose of iPhone 4G is utilizing video calling highlight (Apple advance it as FaceTime) as principle solid focuses contrasted with different contenders and it ancestors. The iPhone 4 runs utilizing the equivalent working framework utilized on Apples item, for example, earlier iPhones, the iPad, and the iPod Touch which is the iOS working framework. The one of a kind plan of iPhone 4 contrasted with the last 3 age is that it consolidates a uninsulated tempered steel outline that goes about as the gadgets recieving wire. Afterward, on October 4, 2011, the fifth era of the iPhone has been discharged. It holds the outside plan of the iPhone 4, yet new application voice acknowledgment framework known as Siri and a distributed storage administration named iCloud is presented. iPhone 5 Prologue to the 6th era iPhone is declared on September 12, 2012. Among all the iPhone that has been discharged, the iPhone 5 shows the most critical change in physical highlights. The telephone depicts a slimmer, lighter model that presents a higher-goals, 4-inch screen to the arrangement and the chip is 22 percent littler than the iPhone. In spite of that, it is twice as quick, multiplying the illustrations execution of its. It is additionally working utilizing the new Apples portable working framework known as iOS 6. Contenders In spite of the fact that iPhone has become a wonder in universe of versatile, there is a couple of close contenders that can be straightforwardly contrasted and iPhones and allowing clients a second however. The two nearest contenders to the iPhone is Samsung Galaxy S-III and Nokia Lumia 920. Samsung Galaxy S-III The Samsung Galaxy S-III was disclosed on 3 May 2012 in London and authoritatively discharged in 28 European and Middle Eastern nations on 29 May 2012, preceding being logically discharged in other significant markets in June 2012. It was planned utilizing the idea of touchscreen, record design Android cell phone and promoted by Samsung Electronics. Samsung Galaxy S III is an all-encompassing and improved form of Samsung Galaxy S II. It incorporates extra programming highlights, extended equipment, and an overhauled. The S III uses quad-center processor, and utilizes fascinating highlights, for example, insightful individual collaborator, eye-following capacity, expanded capacity, and a remote charging choice. Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia Lumia 920 is a cell phone made and promoted by Nokia. It starts to be accessible at the market beginning on September 5, 2012. The fascinating highlights depict by Nokia Lumia 920 is it has a 1.5Â GHz double center Qualcomm Krait CPU and a 4.5 IPS TFT LCD show. It is additionally worked with a high-affectability capacitive touchscreen secured by bended Gorilla Glass. Utilizing Windows Phone 8 as the working framework, Nokia Lumia 920 has its own fascination particularly to working clients. It underpins inductive charging (it very well may be charged by being set legitimately onto a charging cushion) perfect with Qi Inductive Charging. One of the preferred position is it includes a 8.7 megapixel PureView camera with optical im

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Marketing Mix an Example of the Topic Business Essays by

Advertising Mix A Proposed Marketing Mix for Innocent Company Guiltless is an assembling organization that major in the creation of cooking oil items internationally in which its strategic to gracefully and offer its items to its purchasers. The companys showcase has been acknowledged to have dropped over the most recent one year, and as an organization, we have choose to embrace a dynamic procedure that is intended to characterize the genuine strategies to be used in accomplishing our objectives. Need paper test on Advertising Mix theme? We will compose a custom paper test explicitly for you Continue This procedure is known as the advertising blend that conveys four components which incorporate; item this is the place the companys point will be to characterize the qualities of its items that will empower the merchandise to meet the shoppers needs; value this is the choice on how the organization should value its items; advancement this is a procedure through which we should make our items known to our clients and finally the spot component which is the system through which the products of our organization will be moved from the organization to the customers. For our organization to accomplish acknowledgment of the items through which our promoting openings have opportunities to build, at that point we ought to have the option to have our objective buyers. This is ordinarily accomplished relying upon the accompanying variables; the buyers wants and inclinations for our items, topographical elements, area, sex and furthermore age, these components ought to be resolved before we settle on a choice on a specific market division which will later give our items an advertising opportunity. This division should coordinate contrasts in the purchasing conduct of our clients under which we ought to likewise consider the item rivalry in the market by expressing plans on how our organization will conquer the contenders quality through which we ought to break down the quantity of contenders, their size, area and their qualities and shortcomings in the market. Under market division, we ought to have the option to state what the clients look for in our items whether it is the quality, cost or comfort, through this we will have the option to distinguish the necessities and the advantages that our clients will pick up from our items. For the companys advertising blend, we ought to examine the accompanying components applied in the showcasing blend: item we ought to guarantee that before the item is advanced into the market, the attributes of the items ought to be all around characterized to address the issues of the purchasers, the bundling of the item ought to be appealing to lure the clients to purchase the item, the nature of the item ought to be great, that is it ought to be the quality that matches with the remedy of the item in the market so it can keep up its buyers who are not deceived with the distortion of the characteristics with its rivals. Valuing the organization ought to settle on the accompanying evaluating strategies to empower item arrive at its advertising measures. Premium valuing is the place the uniqueness of the organization item is characterized. This valuing is regularly high and is completely utilized where there is a considerable rivalry of the item in the market. For the organization to have the option to pick up the piece of the overall industry, we ought to in this way apply the entrance estimating whereby, when the organization accomplishes the piece of the overall industry, it builds the cost of its item. In a circumstance where the companys need to advance the item in the market, at that point we are educated to utilize the limited time technique regarding valuing in which a purchaser is approached to purchase an item and the buy is joined by a free example of the item. For the organization to catch our shoppers, we are encouraged to utilize the hostage item evaluating technique which is utilized where the item contain supplements and quickly the customer is caught, at that point the top notch cost will be charged by the organization. Under the mental evaluating technique, the organization will have a point of needing the buyer to react to its item sincerely as opposed to reasonably. Likewise value skimming might be applied in our organization whereby the organization will charge a significant expense because of a considerable rivalry, this significant expense is ordinarily applied to acquire new contenders the market and afterward after they show up in the market then the value falls along these lines pulling in the shoppers to purchase an item accused of a low cost. The spot or the channel of conveyance, this is the exercises that will be utilized by our organization to move its item from the creation to utilization. Guiltless needs to go over different channels of circulation to empower our items arrive at the focused on advertise. This implies we ought to pick either to utilize the direct or the roundabout channels that is it might be to the buyers straightforwardly or through wholesalers. We ought to consider the accompanying so as to settle on the kind of the conveyance channel we are to utilize; we should realize the market fragment that the merchant knows about in which the wholesaler must be comfortable with our companys target markets. We ought to likewise know whether our organization approaches, procedures and picture coordinate with that of the merchant, we ought to likewise mind the capability of the wholesaler by setting up his encounters and choosing how much preparing and bolster we should give the wholesaler. There are different sorts of channels that we can choose which one to apply in the dispersion of our items, and this include: wholesalers, these are supposed to purchase merchandise in mass from our organization and selling them in littler bundles for resale by the retailers, they can likewise give storerooms to our items, wholesalers will offer our organization a diminished physical contact cost between us the makers and our shoppers. The second channel that our organization may utilize is the operators who are typically utilized in worldwide markets; they might be utilized to augment the global market for our merchandise. We can likewise utilize retailers, they will have a solid individual relationship with our buyers through whom the items will be presented to our shoppers, they will offer credits to our clients in this way advancing and marketing our items. The other option is the utilization of the web through which the organization will have a topographically more extensive market in this manner empowering our items to contact a more extensive crowd. This channel has a low costs set up because of its low boundary in the passage to the items advertise. The other component is advancement, this is the showcasing correspondence that ought to be utilized by our organization to get our items in the market, pushing the buyers to the point of buying our items, we are encouraged to utilize the accompanying strategies in advancing our items: Individual selling, this is a method of keeping up personalcustomer relations in which the salesman will be following up for the benefit of our organization, these individual ought to be prepared and ought to have the individual selling procedures, however recruiting them is costly we should utilize them when there is a certified profit for speculations. Advertising this ought to be applied in applied in our organization which will prompt a supported and an arranged exertion in building up and bringing understanding between our organization and our purchasers. In conclusion, we can utilize the shows to make new contacts and recharging the old contacts. This will be utilized to expand the consciousness of our items to the shoppers along these lines allowing our organization a chance to meet both the exchange and customers. Promoting may likewise be utilized in making consciousness of our items to the buyers with the goal that we may pick up reactions from our objective markets, under this there many publicizing mediums including, print (papers, diaries and banners.) and electronic(television, web and radio) modes of correspondence which we may decide to make attention to our items to our shoppers. Book index Pastry specialist, M. (2000): Marketing Management and Strategy, third edn: London. Macmillan Business Blythe, J. (2001): Essentials of Marketing, second edn: New York, Prentice Hall Brassington, F. what's more, Pettitt, S. (2000): Principles of Marketing, second Edn: New York, Prentice Hall, Harlow Gronroos, C. (19994): From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing: - Towards A Paradigm Shift in Marketing: Management Decision - Vol. 32; 1994, 4-20 Hoffman, D. what's more, Novak, T. (1996): Marketing in Hypermedia Computer-intervened Environments: - Conceptual Foundations: Journal of Marketing, Vol. 60(July), pp 50 - 68 Hoyer, W.D. what's more, MacInnis, D.J. (2001): Consumer Behavior, second Edn: New York, Houghton Mifflin Company Kotler, P.; Armstrong, G.; Saunders, J. what's more, Wong, V. (1999): Principles of Marketing, second Edn: New Jersey, Prentice Hall Lovelock, J. (2001): Services Marketing, People, Technology, And Strategy: New York, Prentice Hall McDonald, M. (2001): Marketing Plans: - How To Prepare Them, How To Use Them. fourth Edn: London, Butterworth Heinenamm Delegate, T. (2000): Essentials of Marketing Research: London, Financial Times-Prentice Hall

How to Write a News Paper Report

How to Write a News Paper ReportIf you are a seasoned newspaper reporter and want to expand your knowledge and skills for better article writing jobs, you should know how to write a newspaper report. It is one of the most popular type of documents that a news reporter can compose.The first thing you need to know about a report is that it should be brief and concise. This will make your document easier to read and comprehend. Also, it will help you get good feedback about the quality of your work.Keep in mind that the way you convey information in your report is important. People have short attention spans. They tend to read and digest information very quickly. Thus, if you are going to present your information in a way that requires more time for them to digest, they will probably choose not to read it. This is where a report written with less information becomes a success.A good way to tell if a document you are going to write is too lengthy is to look at the word count. Usually the longer the document is, the harder it is to understand. The less information in your report, the better it will be.Too much data in a report will also make it less interesting and this will hinder the reader's interest. The report should have enough information to inform the reader without being too comprehensive. Your audience is waiting for interesting and informative information from you, so give them what they want.Writing a report needs a bit of skill and knowledge on a particular topic. Therefore, if you are new to a particular topic, it would be wise to take a class before you start writing a report. There are also many books and websites available that provide useful tips on how to write a newspaper report.You do not have to become a master of your report, but learning how to write a newspaper report will serve you well in the future. You can learn how to create an appealing and engaging report by reading books and studies. Take note that they are already experienced in the ir field and thus can give you step-by-step instructions on how to write a newspaper report.Once you are comfortable with the basics of newspaper reporting, then it is time to be able to do the things that your readers expect you to do. This means producing reports with great visuals and audio. Remember that the report should be a reflection of the readers' current understanding of the story.

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2011-2012 College Admissions Essays

Quirkiest College Admissions Essay Questions With the Common Application and Universal Application releasing their respective 2011-2012 editions this week, along with several schools releasing updated supplements, the college application season has officially kicked off. College admissions officers may read hundreds of applications and while a student’s â€Å"hard factors† including grades, transcripts, and standardized test scores, don’t leave much room for interpretation, a student’s â€Å"soft factors,† such as letters of recommendation, interviews, and resume give each applicant an opportunity to let their personality shine through. An applicant’s college admissions essay and personal statement in particular, allow the application reader to picture the student as a living, breathing human being. When reading an essay, the admissions board will try to determine: Who are you? Will you make a valuable contribution to your future campus community? What type of character traits do you possess? Are you responsible? Shy? Creative? A Leader? A nonconformist? Some colleges take a particularly creative approach to the application essay prompt with the hopes that students will reply in kind. Here are some of the quirkiest college admissions essay questions that we’ve come across this year: Why did you do it? (Tufts University) Celebrate your nerdy side. (Tufts University) If you could choose to be raised by robots, dinosaurs, or aliens, who would you pick? Why? (Brandeis University) Your life is being made into a reality TV show. What will it be called, and why will people watch? (American University) What does Play-Dohâ„ ¢ have to do with Plato? (University of Chicago) Spanish poet Antonio Machado wrote, â€Å"Between living and dreaming there is a third thing. Guess it.† Give us your guess. (University of Chicago) Make a rational argument for a position you do not personally support. For clarity, please state your true opinion first and then argue the opposite position. (Wake Forest University) Give us your top ten list. (Wake Forest University) BU has recently been named among the top 300 Green Colleges in the US. How do you see yourself contributing to BU's sustainability initiative? (Boston University) Read part 2 for even more quirky college admissions essay questions.

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Essay about The Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs

â€Å"I started taking anabolic steroids in 1969 and never stopped. It was addicting, mentally addicting. Now Im sick, and Im scared. Ninety percent of the athletes I know are on the stuff. Were not born to be 300 lbs or jump 30ft. But all the time I was taking steroids, I knew they were making me play better.† Lyle Alzado, American footballer. This is just one of many athletes who have took performance enhancing drugs in the past and have lived to regret it. Never before has there been so much help for athletes. Today technology, coaches and equipment has never been better. However, cheating within sport has never been such a problem before. Almost one tenth of all athletes have admitted to taking at least one form of performance enhancing†¦show more content†¦The mortality rate for steroid users is 12.9 percent compared to the mortality rate of tobacco smokers which is roughly six million per year. This shows that tobacco is more dangerous and is the cause of more d eaths yet it is legalised. So, making performance enhancing drugs would make little difference as its mortality rate is so low. Athletes already endanger themselves by adjusting diets and going through intense training programmes. This has resulted in professional athletes having a life expectancy of 77.2 years. This is lower than the average persons life expectancy of 83 years old. This shows that athletes are already taking harmful risks. Many people who want performance enhancing drugs legalised argue that sports is not currently based on natural ability. New technology, dieting, sports drinks and equipment is already pushing athletes past their natural ability. Those who can receive the best will receive the best results. For example, during the 2008 Olympics numerous swimmers wore Speedos LZR Racer swimwear. Swimmers wearing this swimwear received 90% of the medals. Since this swimwear has been released to athletes twenty-three world records have been broken. This shows how hig h tech swimwear is an example of a performance enhancer. This suggests that it is already not based on natural ability. Many people who want performance enhancing drugs legalised argue that sport isShow MoreRelatedThe Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs Popularly Known As Doping1805 Words   |  8 Pagesissue in sport particularly athletics is the use of performance enhancing drugs popularly known as doping. Spectacular doping cases have risen in the sporting arena that has caused unexpected situations and annoyed the public who are the fans. People have limited knowledge regarding doping though it is an ancient time issue. As a result, some people believe that all professional athletes have always been doped to achieve the standards of good performance and even compete and win in most of the greatRead MoreUse Of Performance Enhancing Drugs1338 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Paper Final Draft The Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports According to, the argument over the use of performance-enhancing drugs by professional athletes has been at the center of an international ethical debate for many years (Katz). Many people argue that these drugs should be allowed, while others argue that these drugs should be banned from professional sports. Professional sports athletes should avoid the use of performance-enhancing drugs so that the integrity of sportsRead MoreUse Of Performance Enhancing Drugs2114 Words   |  9 Pages The use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) has been exposed for a while in the world of professional sports. Media and sports fans, myself included, look unfavorably on the use of PEDs by professional athletes, the reasons why it’s viewed as unfavorable can be attributed to the theory of symbolic interactionism. Even though there is a large stigma against the use of PEDs the testing process has largely remained inefficient and not reliable. Performance enhancing drugs should have a more rigorousRead MoreAthletes Should Use Performance Enhancing Drugs941 Words   |  4 PagesDue to the amount of people using performance enhancing drugs in pro sports today, most people when they hear â€Å"Steroids† they think of huge men or women with big bulging muscles. Steroids have been used throughout sports in every way in almost every sport. I think that the professional athletes that use performance enhancing drugs should be able to use them since they are getting paid a substantial amount of money to play a sport. Therefore I think that the use of steroids shouldn’t be used by regularRead More The Use of Steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports1507 Words   |  7 Pagesto write my paper on the topic of steroids and performance enhancing substances that are used today in sports. In this paper I hope to focus on the steroids and performance enhancing drugs and how they have become a problem in sports.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  An anabolic steroid is a substance that is related to male sex hormones, known as testosterone. The word â€Å"Anabolic† means muscle building. The word â€Å"steroids† is just referred to as a drug name or a class of drug. Some athletes have made the decision that theyRead MoreThe Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs Within Sports1966 Words   |  8 Pages Legalization of Performance Enhancing Drugs within Sports Do you want to want to become the peak athlete that you know your body is capable of? Well, this paper will not do that for you, but it will tell you how, and it will tell you why it should be legal to do so. Doping in sports is one of the most extensive debates within the realm of athletics. Whether it be injecting anabolic steroids, consuming them, or blood doping, athletes will do drugs. Doping has no effect on the viewershipRead MoreAnabolic Steroids : Use And Performance Enhancing Drugs1516 Words   |  7 PagesSteroids The use of performance enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids has been a debatable topic in the United States as early as the 1950’s. Former U. S. Representative Howard Berman expresses that â€Å"Steroids can seem necessary to compete at the highest level, and the quick rewards may seem to outweigh the long term consequences to users.† The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that countless athletes, both young and old, face life threatening illnesses due to the use of performance-enhancingRead MoreThe Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Today1583 Words   |  6 Pages Performance enhancers are very prominent in professional sports today. A lot of players are facing suspensions and other penalties for using them. The sport that gets scrutinized the most for this is Baseball. Many former users in the MLB (or formally the NABBP) have come out saying that they were using these drugs while playing. Some of these players are Jorge Sosa, Antonio Bastardo , and the famous Alex Rodriguez. Although these drugs have been prohibited, players are still finding ways aroundRead More The Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Essay1148 Words   |  5 PagesThe Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Is the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports dangerous? To what degree do these drugs really enhance strength, size, training ability, and muscular performance? Not only are the answers to these questions still unclear, they are the subjects of deep controversy. In order to understand why we are confronted with the problem of performance-enhancing drug use in athletics today, we must look at the history of the development of anabolicRead MoreUse Of Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Banned1961 Words   |  8 PagesThe controversial question is whether the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) in sports should be banned or not. Professional sports are popular in most countries. Major franchises are dealing with the issue of PED being used by the athletes who are paid to perform in the sport on the belief that they are naturally a raw talent. This controversial essay will side with the banning of PED use in any type of sport activity, whether it is at professional or amateur level. Both sides of this issue